Stephanie A. Maiolino, PhD

Anatomical Illustration in Education

I develop many of my own vector-based illustrations for use in my lectures. This allows me to create animations that help me to emphasize important, but confusing concepts by introducing them in manageable pieces. Several examples are depicted here.

Sympathetic outflow to the body wall

Embryology of Pleurae and Lungs

Coelom and gut tube of 28-32 week old embryo

Gut tube and lung buds of 4 week old embryo

Currently Taught Courses

Dissection-based gross anatomy courses

I have been involved in teaching gross anatomy since 2010. Currently, I teach in two team-taught courses:

  • The Body (Med 500a) for first year medical students, Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University
  • Regional Human Anatomy (HBA 461/561/540) for physical therapy, physician assistant, and respiratory care therapy students, School of Health Technology and Medicine at Stony Brook University

Graduate courses

As a member of the Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Anthropological Sciences, I contribute to graduate education through two courses at Stony Brook University:

  • Research Areas in Anthropological Sciences (ANT/DPA 525) as a guest lecturer
  • Individual Research (DPA 610) as a faculty advisor