Stephanie A. Maiolino, PhD

News & Updates

(June 8, 2019) Come see our table at the Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire in Port Jefferson

The Department of Anatomical Sciences has a table at this year's Mini Maker Faire. Come check us out on Saturday, June 8th. I'll be there with a revamped Paws & Claws exhibit and my colleagues will have plenty of cool dino and croc stuff!

(Summer 2018) I've been featured in TBR Newsmedia!

I'm honored to be featured in TBR Newsmedia's Power of 3 column for my contributions to our recent paper in JHE! Read the article here:

(Summer 2018) Our new paper on fossil grooming claws is out

Check out out latest paper on on grooming claws in early fossil primates:

Boyer DM, Maiolino SA, Holroyd PA, Morse PE, Bloch JI. 2018. Oldest evidence for grooming claws in euprimates. J Hum Evol, 122:1-22.


Spoiler alert, omomyiforms had grooming claws too! This research was featured in Stony Brook University News and Berkley News.

(May 2018) Our Morphosource Project Page has been launched

Interested in downloading some high quality microCT scans of rare primate cadavers from the Stony Brook Collection? Well, we now have a morphosource project page to make these scans freely available. Just create an account and request the specimens you would like to download. Here's the link to our project:


Its all thanks to MorphoSource director and Duke professor Doug Boyer (NSF BCS-1552848) and the awesome oVert initiative funded by NSF (NSF DBI-1701714)!

(Fall 2016) The Evolution of the Primate Hand is now available!

The edited volume, The Evolution of the Primate Hand is now available! The book details the latest research in primate hands and includes two chapters that I have co-authered:

  • Comparative and functional morphology of the primate hand integument. (Maiolino SA, Kingston AK, Lemelin P)
  • Morphological diversity in the digital rays of primate hands. (Patel BA, Maiolino SA)